Original Art: 18x24 inches (46x61cm 深さおよそ3.5cm) Acrylic and glitter-glue on stretch canvas.

One of popular wave series.

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*** Message ***


Dream Big

Because I know you will get it


Dream Big

Because you don’t hurt anyone


Dream Big

Like riding big waves

You will feel up and down and it is normal


You can make it if you don’t give up

You can make it if you have a dream


It is ok to have Big Dream!

Oh Yeah you can make it

Get barreled and you will come out from barrel to see light


Your dream come true




だって知ってるもん あなたが夢をかなえるって



だって知ってるもん だれも傷つけないってこと




ときには波にもまれたり でもこれ普通よ


かなうわよ あきらめなけれb

かなうわよ 夢があるなら





入っておいで パイプのなかに

くぐりぬけ 夢はかなう



【Original-原画】Dream Big 18x24 inches

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